Kim Jongin "KAI"'s Profile

Stage name: kai (카이) 

Real name: kim jongin (김종인)

Date of birth: january 14th, 1994

Height: 182cm

Blood type: A

Family: mother, father and two noonas

Skills: ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping and locking

Position: Rapper, Lead dancer

• first revealed member (2011/12/23)

• appeared in ❝hahaha❞ song cf with dbsk.

• friends with shinee’s taemin.

• mentioned in ❝the shinee world❞ thanks to; (jonghyun: ..a long way to go jonginnie” key: “to 

our toddler jongin, work hard!” minho: ”..our cute toddler jonginnie”).

• made his first appearance as an exo member at sbs gayo daejun 2011.

• he has a 1-year-old male poodle named ❝monggu❞ (몽구).

• he took jazz dance lessons and ballet since the third grade.

• he was accepted into sm when he was in sixth grade, but the agency told him to come back 

after two years since he was too young.

• he’s the gamer of the group. the members say he’s good at just about any game.

• he shares a room with D.O.


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