Sehun and Luhan (HunHan) 's Facts *update*

1. They said they always had a bath together → Sehun and Luhan

2. Luhan on Yinyuetai Interview:
    MC : This one, Sehun. What is his role in EXO-K?
    Luhan: He is in charge of dancing
    MC: Are you close to him in the group?
    Luhan: Pretty close
    MC : Are there any small stories between the two of you?
    Luhan: Usually he likes to drink bubble tea
    MC: Bubble tea?
    Luhan: I go and buy bubble tea with him everyday
MC: Does he also have the personality like Tao who would be gummy and bug people to eat or go out  with him?
Luhan: Quite often

3. MC: Do you know what day is April 12th?
    Luhan: *shyly said* Sehun’s birthday ><
    MC: Did you send him any birthday wishes?
    Luhan: Yes, we did

4. MC: What can you say, Se Hun and Lu Han, now that HunHan is known to all.
    Luhan: I confirmed HunHan is true and we will do our best to give to the HunHan shippers.
    Se Hun: (shy) Yes, HunHan is real so keep supporting us, even if we may separate. HunHan couple forever (bows-all members are clapping).

5. Luhan: Sehun-ah~ take care of your health there. That is all

6. EXO-K Sehun: Luhan “He has the looks, he can sing, it’s a man who doesn’t lack anything”
EXO-M’s multitalented Luhan has pretty features, a lovely smile, a mellow voice, it’s a boy that can open up your heart in a second. His specialties are his elaborated dance skills and that he can speak Korean and Chinese with both clear and precise pronounciation.“Luhannie hyung has a pretty face, he can dance well, he can also sing well, he really doesn’t lack anything. He can also have a personality as cute as his cute features and can change totally to manly charms”.

7. Luhan: "Sehun ah, it's your birthday tomorrow. After your birthday, you'll be older by 1 year already. Hope that you will be more mature and sensible. Wishing you all the best in Korea. Happy birthday !"

8. They were born on April

9. Sehun was the one who always beside Luhan during Happy Camp recording (v:Planet_exo)

10. Sehun failed the game, Luhan hit him (v:cxotrans)

11. When EXO-M almost had car accident, Baekhyun and Sehun cried the most, and Kai join them and cried too :c -exogasm-

12. Sehun: "Luhan hyung is very handsome, dance and sing well. He really perfect"

13. Luhan bought a baseball cap to Sehun in China!

14. Sehun and Luhan have brought couple t-shirts and keyrings/chains

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  1. Can you give me some link of the interview where Luhan and Sehun revealed that HUNHAN Couple is real?

  2. I Love HunHan (Gege/Oppa)
    Love all the fatcs especially 1,2,3,4,10 and 14!!! ~

  3. I think that interview, where they confirmed that HunHan is real, is a fake (yeah, maybe it's on a lot of sites, but there is no video, anyway I was looking for it but couldn't find), but still I think that they are really together, even after these rumours that they broke up >.<


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